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We are a Dubai-based law firm boasting vast experience in a variety of areas, including dispute resolution, general corporate, and commercial transactional services. Operating in an increasingly challenging market, we are a dynamic, innovative and dedicated firm with an effective blend of experienced lawyers, legal consultants and young talent.

Our team are characterised by their application of both the law, and spirit of the law in all the work they undertake. In doing so, we uphold the interests of justice and rights in our society in order to achieve stability and development. Success and sincerity are our ultimate goal, and client satisfaction is a sufficient reward for our efforts. Therefore, it is our way of working which allows our firm to be considered amongst the first ranked in legal market.

Our Practice Areas

We advise our clients on all aspects of business law, from drafting contracts, incorporating companies and joint ventures, and industrial claims, to information technology, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, commerce, corporate law, banking, corporate finance, insurance, real estate, and labor law.


Our Clients are our greatest strength we are committed to provide the best of legal service


With an extensive experience of Emirates laws and justice system


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Our Lawyers

Saeed Al Suwaidi Lawyers & Legal Consultants is located in the heart of Dubai, UAE. Characterized by a highly qualified, talented and diverse staff of lawyers and legal consultants, we possess a depth of knowledge and strength in the market place that allows our firm to build lasting relationships.

Ahmed Al Gazzar
(Maghrabi group representative)

As Magrabi group we are really happy to deal with Saeed Alsuawdi law firm as we started dealing with them since 2016 In all the cases which they handled on behalf of the Magrabi group Magrabi won it they never disappoint us, really well knowledge about law, very professional and so organized team

Mohamed Refaat

I am pleased and lucky to be one of the clients of Saeed Alsuwaidi office for law and legal consultations, you have given me a great client experience considering communication, assistance, and acting on my behalf, from the beginning of the case to the last. It was fruitful choosing you and you have secured my case. Thank you so much

Mohamed Hares

Saeed El Suwaidi office included many partners with outstanding attorneys and brilliant legal minds. Saeed has served as my lawyer and I am constantly amazed by how his mind works in each case. He always seems to come up with new theories to explore. works extremely hard for all of his clients. I absolutely endorse this lawyer for all kinds of cases personal, labor and criminal.

Dr. Fadwa Lkorchy

I met Mr. Abulla and Mrs. Eman a couple of months ago, and I am so happy that I let them oversee my legal case. They are not only professional but very caring which is a rare commodity today. I came out from my first meeting with them, clear of what is the process, and the risks, and felt good they will be representing me. Eman is great been patient with my questions, and Abdulla is quite competent. I highly recommend S. AL Suwaidi Attorney of Law, and I am referring anyone I know who needs legal help to them. Thank you Abdulla and Eman. Fadwa Lkorchy